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  • The Business Seller Coach
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  • The Consultant


  • Welcome to WebPros99 the very first domain opened and operated by A.S. Radin & Associates. Since 1999, we have become a worldwide leader in business brokering and business for sale services including being the founder and owner of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers with over 100 locations and growing.


AND - our first ever client - Linen World - remains a client with us today. So while our business direction has changed - our loyalty and dedication has never wavered.


  • We determined that WebPros99 would be the perfect landing spot to become our portal into our self help e-books  which are being used throughout the world. We began as a marketing company so what better place to market our self help e-books.


These e-books used to be know as our series FOR DUMMIES however we have decided to brand them under our own proprietary brand.

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By Scott Radin - The Founder and Owner of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers - the supporting network for this service.


Over 100 Locations in North America


NAABB & USA Headquarters


18 Breezewood Drive * Orchard Park NY  14127

USA - Toll Free (877) 841-2910

Scott Radin, Owner

Call / Text 716 472-2684

Email - scott@asradin.com


NAABB Canadian Headquarters


2458 Qu'Appelle Blvd * Kamloops, BC, V2E 1T5

Canada - Toll Free (888) 406-2221

Corey Sigvaldason - (778) 257-5130

Email - corey@asradin.com